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Glovebox Kit

The glove box is an oft-neglected corner of one's motor vehicle. Once the sole preserve of gloves, or, if one was a lady, a muff, it's now a repository of all manner of detritus. Empty crisp packets, old cassette tapes, long-dead Post-It Notes, half-chewed boiled sweets... we're quite certain you know the sort of thing. Now salvation is here for those of us who insist on a touch of order in one's car. And maybe even some natty leather driving gloves in one's glove box. The Glove Box Kit, assembled by chaps that know a thing or two about glove boxes and kits, has thought of everything a chap or damsel might need when stuck at a lonely farmhouse on the M5, or suffering from a Spilt Coffee in the Crotch Moment when overtaking a 60 tonne juggernaut on the North Circular. The kit briefly features a scraper for the removal of early-morning ice, plastic gloves to help one bury the body in one's boot, a glow stick for waving about with, some travel sweets just in case, a refreshing wipe, a pad and pen to help you do your legal duty at the scene of an accident, and all manner of other practical matters. In the field of health and hygiene, the kit also makes a contribution to the advancement of motoring, with plasters, some sun cream and a magic hand warmer to fend-off the threat of exposure on the A80 Stepps bypass. Thoughtful.

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